Respine Hong Kong is a Neuro-Structural chiropractic clinic founded by Dr. Anthony Lai. 

“re” stands for once again or another; symbolizing another chance, “spine” refers to the spinal bones that support our body. Respine Hong Kong’s mission is not just to promote spinal health but to give unhealthy spines hope for recovery as well. 

Spinal structure is crucial in providing support for our body at stationary or in motion. We put our bodies through stress everyday whether we know it or not; from acute injuries to chronic postural wear and tear.


At Respine Hong Kong, we combine neurological findings from a full spine examination and x-ray analysis to pin-point subluxations; a condition where the stresses on the spinal bones and/or vertebral discs are causing the neighboring tissues to be inflamed; including our nervous system. Specific spinal corrections followed by rehabilitation therapy have helped many of our patients to a successful recovery.